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Latitude Festival: Lost Voice Guy – Cabaret Tent

Reviewer: Lucy Ross 

The face of comedy is a constantly changing and inspiring form, that can lead its audiences through many different directions and emotions. With comedy being a competitive and often brutal genre, it is no wonder that many comedians struggle to be heard. Yet now, we are seeing the start of a new unique voice reach further audiences across the world. Lost Voice Guy is a hilarious upcoming comedian who captured the heart of millions by winning Britain’s Got Talent this year, and it is no surprise to see him pulling in a spilling crowd at Latitude after the broadcast. Who would have thought a comedian with no voice could make thousands laugh and cheer, while also introducing everyone to a new voice in comedy.

Lee Ridley’s performance ensures everyone feels comfortable laughing at his own disability as he embraces his flaws, turning them into his strength on stage. Using the help of his trusty iPad to do the talking for him, his pre-written and timed performance leaves the audience in stitches and cheering for more. Often being compared to the late Steven Hawkins (but without the brains he informs us), Lee introduces us to his unexpectedly well-known voice as he performs train announcements and post office callings. Lee also introduces us to the hilarious situations he can find himself in daily life, in the generic tone of his voice. It certainly gets your ribs tickling when you see his cheery face smiling back at you, encouraging the audience to relax and laugh. 

During his act, Lee mentions a previous review of his performance, where he was criticised for using an iPad, meaning he would never need to remember lines or worry about timing. True, it may be seen by some as a form of cheating, but one must remember that having your act already calculated out leaves you with the lack of interaction with the audience, or the ability of any improvisation. The pressure is on to ensure every line of your act hits the mark, and while not all of Lee’s jokes left us bellyaching, you could not help but continue to watch his contagious smile.

This is a comedian not to be overlooked, and this reviewer is positive he won’t be turning down the volume on his iPad anytime soon. A truly raw funny piece by an inspiring and loveable man.

Reviewed on 14th July 2018 | Image: Contributed

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