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LATITUDE 2015: Comedy round-up – Day 2

An 11am Saturday morning crowd is possibly the hardest to please, that’s all saying you can tempt them out of bed in the first place, so it is surprising to see a more than healthy crowd of both children and adults first thing in The Comedy Tent. Nicole Evans offers a round-up on the first half of the day’s comedic proceedings.

MC for the day Nish Kumar (pictured above) works quickly raising laughs and high spirits with appropriate jokes and practice applause and heckling before introducing each act and verbally encourages the turnover of audience coming in and out of the tent.Adding in a liberal dose of crowd ad-lib and insults to a mouthy 10-year-old and his job is a good one.

First up with possibly the hardest gig is Funz And Gamez, a loosely described ‘family’ show. If Cards Against Humanity was a children’s game show, this would be it. With life lessons such as “Don’t ask for a dog when you’re seven as you’ll lose it during your A-Levels” and “Don’t get too attached to your Nana” it’s close to the mark and hilariously awful and a perfect choice to warm up hung over festival goers. Eggy Roulette, Water Pistol Duel and Velcro Man are amoung the games and audience participation is in full flow.

After a crowd influx and some more from Kumar, Rob Beckett is next up and has obviously brought a fair amount of his fans with him. An observational and personal story comedian he tells us his tales of marriage to a foreign national, the pitfalls of the middle class at Proms in the Park and how best to confuse a work accident cold caller. Laughter is flowing and he does a great job of creating a good rapport.

It’s clear more people have escaped the queues for the showers by the time Ivo Graham arrives on stage as the tent is overspilling the doors now with many taking advantage of the outdoor screens and sofas to enjoy the show in comfort. Diving straight in to modern perils of mobile phone charging points, or not, on train lines he also goes down the observational line of jokes. Not quite obtaining the levels of laughs that his predecessor did and with tag lines going on a little too long, he just about keeps attentions and is an appropriate enough fill in for those waiting for American-born Rob Delaney.

Delaney feels the need to announce an advisory rating prior to coming on stage after noticing a fair number of children still around. A few minutes in and it is soon clear why. A mostly blue account of releasing of bodily fluids, teenage masturbation, post-birth breasts and vaginas and tales of ‘horny mum sex’. The majority appeals to the older generation whereas the youngsters just looked a bit embarrassed and confused for the most part. He’s cool on stage and delivers perfectly and genuinely seems to enjoy the gig.

A Saturday win for the first half of the comedy at Latitude. May the laughter continue.

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