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LATITUDE 2015: Chortle Student Comedy Awards

Artist(s) Phil Wang, Joe Bowley, Daniel Elliott
Venue: Comedy Tent
Reviewer: Glen Pearce

There is a rumour that students don’t venture out of bed before lunchtime but a packed comedy tent at Latitude shows that, given the right draw, there’s reasons to venture out of the tent.

Comedy is, of course a highly competitive game but the opportunity so offered by awards such as the Chortle Comdey Award give aspiring stand ups a chance to hone their skills infront of large audiences.

It’s a benefit that is clear to this year’s host, Phil Wang (pictured above), a previous Chortle Award winner. Wang’s warm, slight self deprecating style sets the scene for the young pretenders to his 2013 crown. Aware that at this early hour the audience may be more family friendly than traditional comedy gigs, Wang apologises for any swearing but then proceeds to encourage Young Sam in the audience to share his favourite swear word. It’s a festival, not a church as he reminds audience.

It’s a timely warning as opening act, Joe Bowley, shares the comedy stable, the knob joke. Bowley may seem an unlikely stand up, self-deprecating and slightly unsure of his stage presence. It’s a deceptive act, however as Bowley spins a compelling piece that mixes gangster rap, Kim Jong-un and Justin Beiber.

That self deprecation theme continueswith second act Daniel Elliot. It’s been a momentous time for Elliot, recently graduated, recently turned 21 and proud to be a rampant homosexual – or as he puts it a stagnant homosexual. He shares with us the pain of dating and for being mistaken for Claire Balding. It’s an assured performance that promises much in the future.

It’s not often that up and coming comedians get the opportunity to perform on the same stage as the country’s leading comics but it’s an opportunity the eight finalists in the Chortle Comedy Awards embrace. Next stop Edinburgh where the winner will be announced.

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