Lachlan Werner: Voice Of Evil – Edinburgh Fringe 2023, The Cellar Pleasance Courtyard

Reviewer: Harriet Chappell

There were many good things being said about this act around Edinburgh, but that doesn’t prepare you for the literally painful bouts of laughing that will leave you struggling to breathe. Voices of Evil is by far the most original and creative stand up show seen in years (possibly ever) and it cannot be recommended enough.

The spooky theatrics (stage props, lighting and sound, makeup etc) only serve to enrich the show and pull you deep into the narrative of a blood ritual which takes many unexpected turns throughout the hour. Brew, the puppet witch, was a character so well-developed you find yourself looking at her instead of performer Lachlan Werner when she’s speaking, as if her facial features could move and communicate more than her words.

Throughout the evening there is regular crowd work and heavy improvisation based on the answers of the audience members which makes each show completely unique and original. Whenever you think that the show has gotten as good as it will get, Werner steps it up a gear and enters a new level of comedy and theatre unseen for someone as young and up and coming.

This show is genuinely creepy, and wonderfully playful and childish whilst also having a raucous and wicked edge that will leave you wanting more. A TV show, a book, a film. Anything else as long as there is more of it.

If it was possible, Voices of Evil would get 6 stars. I challenge you to not be surprised by the calibre of acting and humour.

Runs until 27 August 2023 | Image: Contributed

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