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Kubrick3 – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Writer and Director: David Byrne

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez




There is nothing stranger than fact and Kubrick3 proves that. Based on Alan Conway, con-man and fraudster, who spent three years impersonating Stanley Kubrick. Despondent with his failed life, he turned to fantasy, assuming the persona of the famous film maker. He was successful in this deception as few people knew the reclusive Kubrick and because people ‘wanted’ to believe it was him.

Beginning when Conway’s son (Andy McMahon) visits his dead father’s house to try to discover the truth about his father; he encounters Alan’s (Ed Cobbold) ghost, who takes him on a speed journey through Alan’s life featuring his wife Leah Conway (Madeleine MacMahon and Sophie Wallis, who also double up in other parts).

PIT the multi-award winning Total Theatre Company’s Artistic Director David Byrne, researched Conway, bringing him to life in the most creative, ingenious way. He says “…there are so many things Alan did, that we didn’t have the space to cram into 50 minutes”. It is a 90 minute show crammed into a 50 minute roller coaster ride; a few Irn-Brus might help you stay with it

Any weakness with Kubrick3 it is that it is so incessantly crammed with text and movement that it swamps you. While undeniably witty, sharp, clever, well-acted and brilliantly directed, it’s so frenetic that you lose some of the action and words.

However, the dexterity and ease with which the cast use a framed black board and moveable screen, transporting the audience to different places and times, while also changing their character, takes the breath away, as does the entire show. Storytelling, real life, imagery, mime, satire, physical theatre, video; this show has it all and more.

Runs until Mon 26th Aug

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