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KATINA AND BECKY HAVE IT ALL – The People’s Improv Theater, New York

Writers: Katina Corrao & Becky Yamamoto

Reviewer: Robert Price

All Katina Corrao really wants is to play a nosey neighbor on a TV sitcom, but she keeps getting messages from the dead (yet if anyone has any leads on a commercial spot she could book, please visit her website at Corrao’s bubbling charisma brings an infectious energy to her story telling, undercut by her frustration at the ups and downs of show business. She reminisces about writing the copy for a commercial she didn’t get, and quickly mimes slitting her wrists. The smile never leaves her face as she tells us the true tales of her coincidences and encounters with lost loved ones and John Ritter. Aided by short video segments with her narration, she shows us the people she loves and the gifts that they gave her.

Becky Yamamoto takes the stage casually to a power ballad, wearing flannel in muted colors, half lip-syncing in a strange, self-conscious performance. She lets the audience know that she wanted to see how awkward she could make that moment. Yamamoto plays with the comfort of the audience throughout her show, jumping from her deep alto to a character voice with no provocation, flickering from one idea to another in minimal sentence fragments, and playing to every stray laugh. Her improvisational cadence makes every moment a discovery. The effect is a conversation with a person that fascinates with her surreal thought process. She speaks on social interaction, like her inadequate feelings in ballet class, straining and sweating while stoic women look down on her, and her desire to replace her uterus with a microwave oven. 

Both women serve a slice of their life, from two very different pies. The way they tell their stories highlights their unique perspectives and makes the night a memorable one, whether you’re imagining Becky’s drunk cat or John Ritter’s ghost at the end of your bed.

Reviewed on 5 June 2017

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