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Jimeoin, What?! – The Lowry, Salford Quays

Reviewer: Laura Orton


JimeoinJimeoin’s popularity in Britain has been on the rise (again) in the past few years, evidenced with appearances on the mainstream telly comedy shows. (Michael McIntyre’s comedy roadshow, Live at the Apollo, 8 out of 10 cats) With his most recent tour “What?!” it is easy to see why.

The Irish stand up is an inoffensive, easy to relate to, everyday observationalist. From dog poo, or looking at yourself in the mirror, to the noise your tap makes when you brush your teeth, it really is about everything and nothing. His style is laid back and appears really natural.

Jimeoin quite openly states that his material is just jokes. There is no political agenda, no opinion on whats wrong with the world, no campaign and no real theme. Just jokes. For some, this may seem a tad lacking in innovation or purpose, but for others this directionless comedy is a welcome fun night.

As well as observational, his comedy is highly visual. His face says a thousand words using his animated eyebrows and his lack of lips to full advantage. This comes in really handy as one of Jimeoin’s trademarks is that he tails off into mumbles all the time, and so you have to rely on the expressions. These are what gets his biggest laughs and so he continues to repeat the physical punchlines for maximum laughs to ensure everyone has seen them. His body movements are not big and grand like some physical comedians (Lee Evans for example), but they are purposeful, precise and hold the weight of most jokes.

In this show of two halves, the first half is a bit jumbled. The majority of his jokes are smilers rather than full belly laughs. He half heartedly attempts audience participation by talking to someone in the front, but gives this up very quickly which makes it a bit of a waste of his time. However, the second half is far more structured. Here, he introduces his electric guitar and does some musical crowd pleaser funny songs. One being entitled “What?!” shows you what the whole show is actually all about – the absurd ramblings of the man that genuinely makes the audience think ‘what on Earth is he on about?’ It finally seems to tie the show together as one piece.

The best gag of the night goes to a joke for the ladies. It comes completely out of the blue and as a one liner, it does the perfect job of taking the audience by surprise which results in one of the few times everyone breaks into applause as well as laugher. Thats the sign of a good joke!

Jimeoin is not a groundbreaking, boundary pushing comedian. But he is fun. Its enjoyable to watch him pull silly faces and talk about the everyday mundane in a new light. He’s good at what he does and while not completely blown away, the audience are not disappointed.

Reviewed on 21st November 2013

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