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Forever – Peacock, Dublin

Writer: Dael Orlandersmith Director: Neel Keller Reviewer: Liam Harrison Dael Orlandersmith’s Forever is a semi-autobiographical monologue centred on two lives. It is a celebration of Orlandersmith’s own life in Paris, visiting the graves of kindred spirits – Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust – at Père Lachaise Cemetery. It is also a mourning for the life of her Mother, Beula, ...

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The David Fragments – Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin

Director: Nicholas Johnson Translator: Nicholas Johnson Adaptor: David Shepherd and The David Ensemble Reviewer: Liam Harrison In 1920’s Munich the young Bertolt Brecht aspired to make his name writing a play about the biblical David. Yet Brecht’s David never became more than a flurry of contradictory notes and sporadic scenes, material which is now taken up by Nicholas Johnson, David ...

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Futureproof – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Lynda Radley Director: Tom Creed Reviewer: Laura Marriott Futureproof opened for the first time in Dublin tonight at the Project Arts Centre. This intriguing play by Lynda Radley had a previous outing several years ago in Scotland where it was well received and won an award at the Fringe Festival in 2011. The new artistic director of Cork Everyman ...

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Room – Abbey Theatre, Dublin

Writer: Emma Donoghue Music and Lyrics: Cora Bissett and Kathryn Joseph Director: Cora Bissett Reviewer: Sarah Hoover Jack (Taye Kassim Junaid-Evans) is five, and his world is simple. In fact, it’s not a world, it’s a room. The real world, when Ma’s rescue plot brings it crashing in, is huge and fast and there are no easy answers. Jack’s vision ...

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Charlie’s A Clepto – Axis, Dublin

Writer: Claire Monnelly Director: Aaron Monaghan Reviewer: Ciarán Leinster First of all, the spelling mistake: it’s intentional, and forms a key part of this narrative, wherein the eponymous Charlie recounts key aspects of her life that lead her to this day, a sacred 24 hours, where if she can only keep out of trouble, she’ll prove that she’s capable of ...

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Harder, Faster, More – Project Arts Centre, Dublin

Writer: Tracy Martin Director: Tracy Martin Reviewer: Laura Marriott Harder Faster More opened to an excited audience at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre before closing to a standing ovation. The only downside is that this play is running for such a short time. Harder Faster More tells the stories of women negotiating the modern world where sex sells and they are expected ...

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The Blue Boy of Glenmore – Lyric Theatre, Belfast

Woman at front with man behind - blue tinted

Writer: Joe Brennan Director: Tony Devlin Reviewer: Colm G Doran Set in the winter of 1978, in the Cooley Mountains, Brassneck Theatre Company present The Blue Boy of Glenmore. It tells the story of a brother and sister living in a claustrophobic farmyard cottage, sniping at one another. Jemmy John (The Blue Boy) played by James Doran, is obsessed with ...

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Have I No Mouth – Town Hall Theatre, Galway

Directors: Gary Keegan and Feidlim Cannon Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy Have I No Mouth is not so much a tale of loss, as it a tale of moving forward. It focuses on how director and co-creator Feidlim Cannon’s family have dealt with their grief, resulting from the tragic and untimely deaths of Sean Cannon, Feidlim Cannon’s father, and his baby brother, ...

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