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INTERVIEW: Trevor Crane, Actor

Editor Jamie Rosler recently sat down for a chat with Trevor Crane, a working theatre actor raised in Canada and built in New York. He can currently be seen in 700 Wives with Triton Talent Productions at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Give me and our readers a quick background introduction to you. What brought you to New York, how long have you been here, and what are your goals as an actor?

I have been acting professionally for fifteen years after starting in high school. I’ve always been a high energy ambitious type who dreamed of being on the stage or screen. I came to New York City from Toronto, following a friend who started making connections and landing work here. After a lot of hustle and some lean times I managed to book a lead in an off-Broadway show, Both Sides of a Famous Love Affair: The Jackie Mason Musical, that ran for several years in four venues. I am still very involved when the show returns to the New York area. My main goal as an actor is to continue to branch out, work on a variety of creative productions, and acquire new skills with each job. I also would love to be cast in traveling productions, and for television work.

Are you working on anything right now that you’re especially excited about?

I recently got a role in a fantastic and eccentric musical called 700 Wives. The company and writer/director are the same that did The Jackie Mason Musical, but the part is so different.  It is a dual co-lead role where I have a lot to do all the time, but two parts gives me a nice variety. I play a prophet during King Solomon’s time, constantly warning the King to follow God’s laws, and to forbid the erection of false idols by his many wives. Solomon promises God to do this but then breaks his promise and risks the security of his nation when God sends his enemies to wrench the kingdom from [Solomon’s] hands. It has great music and characters (just like everything Triton Talent Productions has done). The show will be on every winter at Empire Stage, for at least another year or two.

What draws you to musical theatre? What other genres are you interested in?

I love the energy, voices, and telling story through music. Les Misérables was the show that broke me in at age twelve. Phantom [of the Opera], Miss Saigon, Beauty and the Beast and others followed, thanks to my parents! I definitely felt a connection and wanted to do it. But my first musical performance actually came many years later. I also love quirky or farcical comedies, family dramas, and thrillers. I love classical theater, too, but don’t desire to do it much.

Tell us one life goal that’s completely unrelated to acting.

Captain of a starship of course! I want to travel to every continent and explore areas that most have never been. Not every country in the world needs to be on the list, but to get rich experiences outside tourist spots and feel satisfied after, that would be fantastic.

Finally, dream role?

On stage would be Javert in Les Miz, or Cladwell in Urinetown. On screen, a comedy variety show, or Indiana Jones. But obviously the latter is spoken for.

Best of luck with your goals, Trevor, in and out of the theatre! 

700 Wives runs at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, FL until 11 March 2018.

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