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Guinness World Records Officially Amazing Science Live – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Paul Downham

[rating: 4.0]

For those of you who thought it must be easy to break a Guinness World Record you really should catch this show on its current UK tour. During two hours of nonstop live entertainment you will leave questioning your initial thoughts.

The show opens with a brief video montage telling the story of the world famous book from its beginnings in 1954 right up to the modern day before energetic hosts Kate and Max take to the stage to explain the four components required to make a world record genuine. They are joined by comedy stooge Harry and the all important Adjudicator without whom no records can be set.

Initially the whole audience are encouraged to attempt to break a group ‘whooping’ record in which last night’s audience failed by a mere 3 decibels, which is somewhat annoying as it was then announced that the afternoon audience actually broke the World Record! With another 40 odd shows on the tour yet to play it remains to be seen if Salford will be able to lay claim to the record in the end.

There followed a number of live World Record recreations and demonstrations which captured the attention of the younger audience entirely such was the clarity and simplicity of the descriptions. A sort video of World Record holders is played after each section to allow the crew to reset the stage for the next record.

The main attraction of this show is the fact you have the potential to enter the theatre as a mere member of the public, but leave a World Record holder. Sadly no one at this performance carried off a title such as this, but it was not for the want of trying. It sounds easy, if not a little bizarre to Duck Tape a human being to a wall, burst balloons with a tandem bike or blow huge smoke rings through a target when they are written down, but the volunteers on stage would disagree with you.

The star of the show apart from the records themselves was undoubtedly Harry. He was portrayed as a geeky scientist who was employed to assist and take part in all the records on stage during the show. His loveable persona immediately made him a favourite with the children in the audience, not just when he was sent out to choose volunteers.

The show was perfectly suited to the Quays Theatre at the Lowry; however some of the larger venues on the tour may diminish the impact due to the scale of auditoriums. In saying that Guinness World Records Live is a fast paced, action packed explosive night of fun for children of all ages.

Reviewed: 16th February 2013


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