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Greater Manchester Fringe: The House That Stank of Death – Satan’s Hollow, Manchester

Writer/Director: David Isaac and Peter Slater

Reviewer: Tracey Lowe


One of the many brilliant things about Fringe festivals is that some wonderful spaces are turned into theatre venues. Nightclub Satan’s Hollow is certainly dramatic enough to fit the bill; with faces coming out of the walls and other terrifying surprises. This is a highly appropriate venue for horror-comedy, ‘The House That Stank of Death’, a scary anthology of stories, interspersed with short films and parody trailers.

There are six short plays, varying in quality, introduced by Evil Terry. There are tales of teenage girls alone in the woods, a couple hiding a dark secret from each other, vampires, demons and monsters. The highlight was ‘Interview from Hell’, where the hilarious Peter Slater had a real chance to shine as the evil Mr Natas. Slater is a wonderful physical comedian, with some absolutely absurd vocal ticks. Victoria Cook also did a great job in her myriad of rôles.

The mock trailers were great, with zombies taking over Wigan and a horror film “for gays”. But a nice surprise was short film ‘2:20’, by Jason Wingard, which has previously been shown in cinemas as part of Virgin Media Shorts, where a man comes into possession of a pair of glasses that tell the wearer when people will die.

Not all the stories were engrossing, some dragged a little bit, such as ‘Lost in the Woods’ and ‘Blood Date’, and the entire piece was perhaps a little longer than it needed to be. While the venue was certainly atmospheric, due to the layout of the stage there were sections of the audience that could not see everything. But it was filled with wonderful dark humour, and some great comedic performances.

Runs until 14th July

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