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Gary Delaney: There’s Something About Gary – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Matt Forrest

If I had a pound for every punch-line Gary Delaney delivered tonight, I could retire a very wealthy man and see out my days in the South of France, well probably not that many but I’d be a wealthy man indeed. Delaney is a good old fashioned gag man, there’s no meandering or convoluted stories, just jokes by the bucket load.

Bringing his new show There’s Something About Gary, the comedian strides onto stage to inform us that the show’s title has nothing to do with the show, he just needed a title. He uses this as an opportunity to gauge the audience and see how receptive they’ll be to risqué material. The audience respond very well, which pleases Delaney no end. This puts him and the audience at ease, giving all the hallmarks of an entertaining night ahead. Delaney asks an audience member to pick a local town in which he can poke fun at throughout the evening: the audience member just happens to pick the town Delaney lives in, he goes along with it and thus begins the only on running theme of the entire show.

Delaney is ably supported by Andy Robinson who launches into his routine about how the Birmingham accent can land him in trouble due to how insincere it can sound at times. Robinson, suitably gets the crowd warmed up, a few jokes and a few songs thrown in, a reworking of The Beatles, ‘When I’m 64’, being the highlight.

Following the interval, Delaney launches into his routine at break neck speed. He carefully measures the reaction of the crowd to see how the new material is going down. The majority is met with approval. The beauty of the Delaney’s material is its simplicity, in some cases you can see the punch-line coming a mile away which makes the show all that more fun. However to dismiss Delaney’s show as just a string of gags would be doing him a disservice: here is a comic who clearly loves (ab)using the English language to great comic affect and has crafted a polished, fun show which will have something for everyone.

As the show progresses more risqué and near the knuckle material is used, as well as the use of a projector to look at some of the rather absurd signs and cards that have been printed, a rather tasteless valentine card being the highlight.

The show closes as Delaney takes us through one of his favourite pastimes: that of changing Wikipedia pages to hilarious comedy affect. Again you can telegraph some of the jokes from a mile away but really doesn’t matter, its good harmless fun that will make you grin from ear- to-ear. The show has something for everyone and no one would have left disappointed, my only complaint was that I cannot remember enough of the jokes to tell my mates down the pub this weekend. Delaney is out on tour now and back at The Lowry 10thFebruary, I strongly urge you to catch him at a town near you, because there is something about Gary… he’s very funny!

Reviewed on 24 January 2016

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