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GALWAY THEATRE FESTIVAL: Maleta Company @ Theatre Meets Circus – Mick Lally, Galway

Creators: Alex Allison and Davi Hora

Reviewer: Sarah Hoover


The duo of Alex Allison and Davi Horawhich forms Maleta Companyis a great combination of technical skill and artistic vision. Allison, with his delicate and gentle ball juggling, is well matched in Horawith his harder-edged, more brutal skill in juggling clubs. This performance at the Galway Theatre Festival was a work in progress, but these two are obviously dedicated to their art. The physical experimentation they do, moving the balls or clubs with elbows, shoulder blades, feet and faces, demonstrates long hours of practice. But it is in the considered soundscape and the deliberate movement from solo to duet work within the scenes that their attention to the performance as a whole shines. The two perform feats of juggling with playfulness, especially in the performance of failure when Allison spends an entire scene missing his throws and falling on his face. The build toward particular feats of juggling is subtle and trusts the audience to understand that for them, the performance is a way to explore deeper points about shared human experience, not just a demonstration of dexterity.

While there is not yet a theme that clearly runs through the entire performance, one of their scenes is obviously about competition, violence and power. The two also have moments of collaboration where one mirrors the other or they toss balls and clubs simultaneously back and forth. This reviewer hopes that in the future they will explore the application of their skills to building a meditation on competition and collaboration, because their juggling is uniquely suited to examining those dynamics.

Reviewed on 7 May 2016 | Image: courtesy Galway Theatre Festival

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