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With over 3000 shows at the world’s biggest arts festival, here at The ReviewsHub,we want to make the job of choosing your Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows that little bit easier. So here’s Michael Laurence answering our annual Five Fast Fringe Questions.

In one sentence tell us about your show.

Hamlet in Bed uses the world’s most famous play as a catapult into an edgy, contemporary, downtown noir thriller of a story about mothers and sons, about a life in the theater both now and a generation ago, and about families- the ones we’re born into, and the ones we find along the way. It’s a post-modern urban ode to sex, death, and Shakespeare.

Krapp, 39 is about a man on the precipice of middle age; inspired by Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape, it’s a (hopefully) blistering, funny, and tender-hearted look at love, loss, and the end of youth.

What made you decide to bring a show this year?

Well, I’ve always wanted to come to this crucible of theatrical energy- and now to get to come with not only one show but two- that I wrote and perform in- is a dream come true. Both of these plays are very risky and personal and revealing- and very much about my dual role as actor/writer- they’re plays that could only have been written out of the weird heartbreak of being an actor and everything that that means- son to crash-land them in the Mecca of theater feels both scary and thrilling.

Any advice you’ve heard or can give to anyone coming to the Fringe for the first time?

Um, I don’t know- try not to get lost? Or no! the opposite- try to get lost! Yes, that’s it – try to get lost.

Believe me, no one wants my advice on anything logistical.

What makes your show stand out from all of the others on offer? (Don’t say that it’s because you’re in it!)

I think these pieces have an off-kilter style that is very different from what audiences typically see, but they also have quiet emotional pay-offs.

When we’ve done these plays in New York, audience members have been cool enough to tell me that the plays made them think about their own lives in deeply personal ways, that they really touched them on a primal, personal level.

In my opinion, Shakespeare and Beckett are the two greatest playwrights in the English language- but I’m riffing on them in a distinctly contempo-New York fashion. These are both plays about actors and about obsession and about actor’s obsessive identification with these great roles- in a way you could say they’re plays about the theater. And where better to do plays about theater than at the world’s greatest annual celebration of theater? The two shows are comp[anion pieces thematically, but also structurally- they both experiment with hybrid theater forms, and are both (hopefully) funny and touching and balls-to the-wall bold.

What show, other than your own, do you not want to miss?

Too many to list- but I will say this- I am the world’s biggest Camille O’Sullivan fan. I hope I can score a ticket!

Finally, the boring but essential bit…

Name of the show:Krapp, 39

Venue:The Pleasance CourtyardBunker

Dates: 3 – 29 August(not 10, 16, 23 August)

Time: 11.30 (12.40)


Name of the show:Hamlet In Bed

Venue: The Pleasance Forth (Courtyard)

Dates: 3 – 29 August(not 10, 16, 23 August)

Time: 14.10 (15.25)




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