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With over 3000 shows at the world’s biggest arts festival, here at The ReviewsHub,we want to make the job of choosing your Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows that little bit easier. So here’s Matt Winning answering our annual Five Fast Fringe Questions.

In one sentence tell us about your show.

It’s a show within a show about a distant relative of mine who must travel to a star and on the way watches my Fringe show from 2016

What made you decide to bring a show this year?

A couple of reasons: firstly, I had a good idea about what the show was going to be about, which is probably the best reason to come. And secondly, because last year I did my first full show so this year is about proving to myself and people that I’m not a flash in the pan. Instead that I am a full fried breakfast in a pan with tomatoes and black pudding. The works. I am here to prove I am the works (not the bookshop).

Any advice you’ve heard or can give to anyone coming to the Fringe for the first time?

If it’s just to see shows or if it’s your first time performing then my advice is pace yourself. You can try to do too much. And you’ve got to have a dinner. You should always eat a dinner. You can’t not have a dinner.

What makes your show stand out from all of the others on offer? (Don’t say that it’s because you’re in it!)

I think it’s got a fun, interesting concept and there’s a robot in it too. Everybody loves robots. They should make a sitcom called that about a robot version of Raymond whatshisface from that TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.

What show, other than your own, do you not want to miss?

James Acaster, Josie Long, Stuart Laws, Eleanor Morton, Richard Gadd, Ham Adams, Mark Nelson, Chris Coltrane, Jordan Brookes, Mat Ewins, and Richard Brown

Name of the show: Matt Winning: Ragnarok

Venue: Opium (as part of PBH’s Free Fringe)

Dates:6 – 27 August 2016

Time: 15:45

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