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FIVE FAST FRINGE QUESTIONS with…Debs Newbold of Lost In Blue

With over 3000 shows at the world’s biggest arts festival, here at The ReviewsHubwe want to make the job of choosing your Edinburgh Festival Fringe shows that little bit easier. So here’s Debs Newbold of Lost In Blue answering our annual Five Fast Fringe Questions.

In one sentence tell us about your show.

One woman, a mic, and a loop pedal plunge you into the gripping story of a man deep in a coma, hiding out in the bedroom of Vincent Van Gogh while his daughter struggles to come to terms with her part in the accident that put him there.

What made you decide to bring a show this year?

The show is ready. I’m ready. I’m hoping Edinburgh is ready.

Any advice you’ve heard or can give to anyone coming to the Fringe for the first time?

Know what you want to get out of it, expect anything to happen and try to get some sleep. Also, make sure you eat plenty of chips. They give you energy.

What makes your show stand out from all of the others on offer? (Don’t say that it’s because you’re in it!)

Where else can you get a wide-screen feature length cinematic experience beamed directly into your brain by one set-less, prop-less performer using amazing words and sounds? In a Brummie accent!

What show, other than your own, do you not want to miss?

Tim Crouch’s Adler &Gibb is a fellow Summerhall show, and I couldn’t be more chuffed to share a venue with him. I won’t be missing that, I can tell you. Not for all the chips in Edinburgh.

I’m also deeply (and a bit geekily) excited that the film of Grotowski’s Laboratory Theatre production of The Constant Prince is being shown. That film and Ryzard Cieslak, had a profound effect on me when I was training. It’s utterly compelling. That’s on at Summerhall, too, I’ve clearly landed in the right place – it’s almost like they knew I was coming.

Name of the show: Lost in Blue

Venue: Summerhall, Demonstration Room

Dates: 16 – 28 August (not 22)

Time: 11.30

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