With time being precious during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we challenged this year’s acts to deliver a 50-word elevator pitch for their show. This time it’s the turn of Rory O’Keeffe.

It’s a comic storytelling show about a couple who fall in love doing an experiment called The 36 Questions. Inspired by working for the games company who make Love Island: The Game, I have made the show interactive. The audience decides which way the story goes, including a happy/sad ending.

What other show shouldn’t we miss?

I’d recommend seeing Matt Winning’s show about climate change before it’s too late. (You know, ‘cos the Fringe will be underwater soon unless we do something). He’s funny and informed and tackles important topics.

Name of your show: The 37th Question

Venue: Banshee Labyrinth (Cinema Room)

Dates:  4-26 August 2018

Time: 13:20


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