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With time being precious during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we challenged this year’s acts to deliver a 50-word elevator pitch for their show. This time it’s the turn of Leo Kearse.

My show provides diversity in the sea of lazy lefty virtue signalling. I create a safe space for mainstream political beliefs. I take a scalpel to male feminists, Labour anti-Semites, fat activists, environmentalists, male privilege and #MeToo, celebrate consumerism and break down prejudice against the white working class.

What other show shouldn’t we miss?

Darius Davies: The Art Of The Troll. His shows are always a spectacle – last year he had outraged Spanish audience members campaigning try to get his show banned, it was hilarious. “DARIUS DAVIES ARE A BAD UNCLE!” I’m looking forward to Hate ‘n’ Live, the improvised show I run with Darius, where comedians have to hate on audience suggestions – no matter what they are.

Name of your show: Right Wing Comedian

Venue: Pravda @ Espionage

Dates:  August 2 – 26 2018 (not 14)

Time: 19:30

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