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With time being precious during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe we challenged this year’s acts to deliver a 50-word elevator pitch for their show. This time it’s the turn of Hal Cruttenden on his show Chubster.

Hal Cruttenden didn’t know what to call his new show so asked the people most important to him, his daughters. The little sods said it should be called ‘Chubster’. Hal usually does a lot of jokes about his wife. This year he’ll be slagging off the kids.

What other show shouldn’t we miss?

The other show I’m in is a play called Brexit. Can you guess what it’s about? I play a Brexiter so it’ll be fun to hear be expressing views that I abhor.

Name of your show: Hal Cruttenden – Chubster

Venue: Pleasance One

Dates: 1 – 26 August 2018

Time: 21:00

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