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Ulysses – Paterson’s Land, Edinburgh

Writer: James Joyce Adaptor: Dermot Bolger Director: Andy Arnold Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:2] It is reported that James Joyce was once asked to briefly give a synopsis of Ulysses, his reply “If I could have said what I wanted to say in a sentence then I wouldn’t have had to write the bloody novel.” A shame Joyce isn’t around now ...

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Grounded – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Writer: George Brant Director: Christopher Hayden Reviewer: Andrew Latimer [rating:5] Never have we lived in such an anonymous age. Browsing, surfing, surveying: this is consciousness today, atomised lives which encourage introversion and suffocate the ideals that underpin social societies. Now, this behaviour is airborne, free to roam in unmanned combat drones that stalk enemies from miles above. Godly, some argue. ...

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The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning – Pleasance at St Thomas Aquin’s High School, Edinburgh

Writer: Tim Price Director: John E McGrath Reviewer: Marina Spark [rating:4] National Theatre Wales offers up a fascinating, slick, imaginative piece of theatre in this play about the eponymous young Welsh/American soldier who allegedly uploaded information on the Iraq and Afghan wars to the WikiLeaks website. With his long-awaited trial coming up in December, this play is significant to the ...

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Slapdash Galaxy – Underbelly, Edinburgh

Creator: Jeff Achtem Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:3] Canadian Jeff Achtem appears as an eccentric professor, he is engaging and fun, and presents his madcap tale about two brothers who go on an epic adventure through space in search of monsters (The ones that hide under your bed) in this charming, inventive yet ultimately flawed shadow puppet play. The story provides ...

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Casual Violence: The House Of Nostril – The Pleasance, Edinburgh

Writer: James Hamilton with Alex Whyman Music &lyrics: Ben Champion &Adam Felman Director: Alexander Newall Reviewer: Robin Winters [Rating:3.5] Casual Violence have earned themselves a sterling reputation over the past few years and quite rightly so for the irreverent, dark, sketch comedy. The House of Nostril follows a similar vein, funny with genuine moments of horror and disgust. The writing ...

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It’s Dark Outside – Underbelly, Edinburgh

Reviewer: John Roberts [Rating:3.5] Age is a fragile beast, the downsides of growing older are becoming all to familiar and in It’s Dark Outside, the affects of dementia are explored in a whimsical and visually poetic way. Its difficult not to get carried away in the visual element of this beautifully constructed piece of theatre, with its seamless mix of ...

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