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Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World – Liverpool Playhouse

Reviewer: Clare Comer

Music: Miranda Cooper and Jennifer Decliveo

Lyrics:  Chris Bush and Miranda Cooper

Director: Amy Hodge

Based on the picture book of the same name by Kate Pankhurst, Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World tells the story of a young girl called Jade (Eva-Marie Saffrey) who, when trying to come to terms with her parents pending divorce decides to seek an adventure and goes astray on a school trip to a museum.

This 70-minute musical follows Jade’s story and the audience go on a journey with her as she comes into contact with some incredible women whose real-life stories changed the world as we know it. From Marie Curie to Rosa Parks, the stories of these powerhouse women (plus ten others!) are told in a way that is captivating to audiences young and old alike.

In the lead role, Saffrey is strong and owns the stage from the second she steps foot on it. She has a fierce attitude and gives a performance that is beyond her years.  The other “fantastically great women” are all played by the same four actresses (Jade Kennedy, Frances Mayli McCann, Christina Modestou and Renèe Lamb) who take on each role they are given and bring that person’s story to life. If you had a child in the noughties you may remember a tv show called “The Wiggles” and these four women created the same sort of energy and vibe that made The Wiggles such a huge hit. They tell their individual stories in a fun, but factual, way and each of them has their own stand-out moments.

One particular moment that stands out is during the song Deeds Not Words sung by McCann, who at the time is playing Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. She steps out onto the stage in purple military-style attire and is joined by the other girls who perform a brilliantly choreographed routine using drumsticks. The choreography by Dannielle Lecointe throughout the show is sharp and slick, considering there are only a few of them on the stage, their presence is definitely felt.

The onstage band adds to the concert-style performance and helps to create an electric atmosphere in the theatre. While the stage is constantly buzzing with high-energy songs and motivating stories there is one character who remains silent throughout the show and that is the wonderful “Bearoncè” – Jade’s teddy bear! If Bearoncè could speak though she would definitely tell you that if you have a child who likes music, history, or the film “Night at the Museum” then this is the show for them!

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World is a feel-good show that educates and inspires. It highlights that greatness comes from within and that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, if you have a dream or an ambition and you are determined to succeed you can make it happen… and in the process you may even change the world!

Runs until Sunday 2nd January 2022 

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