Falling Out of Standing – Festival House, Dublin

Creators: David Bolger, Louise Lowe, and Owen Boss
Reviewer: Sarah Hoover

The installation, a ‘legacy’ of the ANU and Cois Céim Dance Theatre production, These Rooms (2016), is evocative of the original performance but also textures the themes of that performance with its own layers of emotion and meaning. The installation, create by Owen Boss, uses the peeling, patched wallpaper and broken-wall construction of the original piece to isolate a group of viewers together for films on three walls of an interior room.

Three films, by Boss, David Bolger, and Louise Lowe, explore site, invasion, and the female body as post-trauma political site. Boss’s film moves from the flowers of an undisturbed, undistinguished street (initial site of the massacre) to a swooning, eerie series of interior shots of the host site on Dorset Street. The absence of bodies in rooms dedicated to performance preparation and production is complemented by a soundscape which highlights that absence, a tour of once-occupied spaces ready to be a new site of performance. Bolger’s film uses two cameras and men’s bodies to evoke invasion with a suddenness that would be overwhelming when viewed alone; among 15 other viewers, it becomes dizzying.

Lowe’s film uses close-ups and overhead camera angles to make visible the inscriptions of grief on women’s bodies in an intimate and powerful challenge to the viewers to be present with their loss. Each film is projected on a different wall, capturing viewers in the projector’s light as the new films begin. Though we did not take advantage of the opportunity to become a surface on which these stories are projected, there is no escaping their reach – except through the breached wall, out of the memory of performance.

Runs until 23 April 2017 | Image: Contributed

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