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Elfie’s Magical Adventure – Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow

Writer: Iain Gordon
Director: Iain Gordon
Reviewer: Fraser MacDonald

Following on from the success of Elfie, the lovable Christmas Elf from last year’s panto, The Pavilion welcomes him back for an adventure like no other. This year’s offering will entertain the whole family and fill even the most cynical of hearts with Christmas cheer.

Ounnamedn a quest to save Christmas, Elfie (Liam Dolan) is joined by his Mammy (Craig Glover) and his pal Fairy Snowflake (Nicola Park) on a journey to far and distant lands. Followed by the evil Useless (Ewan Cameron) and Smart (Cat Harvey), Elfie’s Magical Adventure is filled with fun, family friendly frolics, and sing-a-long Christmas classics.

As has become a tradition at Glasgow’s Pavilion Theatre, with an original script by Iain Gordon, Elfie’s Magical Adventures is tailored specifically to its Glasgow audience. In this production, the plot comes at best, in second place. Rather, the focus is on entertainment and, overall, the show is a real success because of this. Classic Christmas hits like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town are lapped up by the crowd and slapstick is equally balanced with innuendo without crossing any lines.

The cast, many of whom are now Pavilion favourites, engages well with the audience, as is so crucial in pantomime. Newcomer Ewan Cameron has some time to serve yet in his apprenticeship, whereas local TV favourite Graydo seems to relish his position as panto newbie, stalwarts Nicola Park and Liam Dolan make sure that the show is in good hands. A sizable adult and youth chorus is a welcome addition and is a nice visual spectacle in many scenes. As ever, technology is embraced, and effects are frequent and spectacular. Pyrotechnics are not delivered in half measures and lighting effects add a real magic to the show.

The main criticism of the production lies in its running time; although a bumper two and a half hours long, the show does tend to trail along towards the end, with its penultimate scene (a boxing match) seemingly never-ending. This somewhat spoils an otherwise captivating night, although, with a rousing sing-a-long to finish, its flaws are easily forgotten.

Elfie’s Magical Christmas is undoubtedly one of Glasgow’s best value pantomimes, with accessible ticket prices and a mammoth run ahead, it would be hard to argue that The Pavilion’s offering is not the perfect helping of panto this Christmas.

Runs until 15 January 2017 | Image: Contributed


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  1. So disappointed we have been attending the Xmas eve panto at the Pavillion for 15 years. The show was disjointed at best. Only actor with pass marks was Liam Dollan

  2. Attend panto most years at Pavilion but wee bit disappointed this year. No real story though, prefer it to be based on things like Cinderella ect. Funny in parts but very disjointed and missing something but will be back next year as I love the Pavilion.

  3. By far the worst panto ever at the Pavilion and won’t be back. No famous names in it at all and snowflake would give you a headache! Box office service was non-existent and I had to pick up a ticket which wasn’t there. Shambles from start to finish. Will stick to the Kings at least there’s people in it that you know. Very disappointing.

  4. Been attending the Pavilion pantos for a few years now and II must say i was disappointed to the point we all left just after the break. It will take something special to make us come back.The biggest disappointment was Johnny Mac not being there as well.

  5. I was at the pantomime on Friday 30th December and it was by far the worst panto I have ever been to. The cast did nothing for the show, they didn’t know how to act. It was that bad we all wanted to leave at the interval. I paid £90 for tickets and it was a waste of money. Very disappointed.

  6. Attended the show on evening of 31 Dec 2016. No storyline and some parts of the show made no sense. Considered leaving at the interval but hung on in till the dire end. Attended the SECC panto on Xmas eve – just so much more professional and enjoyable.

  7. Went to this show on Hogmanay and was very disappointed. The Storyline was non-existent, Snowflake was soo hard to watch and it was very very loud. There was no flow in the show and same jokes as other panto’s we have seen, The dancers were very good esp the smallest girl – she stole the show and she knew it !!
    There was no “auld lang syne” which was seriously disappointing being a Scottish venue and event. Will not be visiting this place again, especially when a lady in row F at the right side of the stalls facing the stage was so drunk it was unreal and she even started using E cigs!! Staff members were on standby at the side of the stalls but did nothing about it!
    Waste of money and time.

  8. We’ve been coming to the Pavilion panto for donkey’s years and we’re so very disappointed this year…it was awful to the point of embarrassment. Disjointed, no story and no memorable characters. Whoever put this together should be shot!
    We won’t be coming back next year which saddens me greatly as it’s been part of our family traditions for so long.

  9. Have to agree with a lots of comments above, very disappointing, disjointed no real story line. Very loud and by far the worst panto I have attended this year. Bored silly but stuck it out to the end . Half way through a very large gentlemen a few rows behind us fell over the side of the chair landing on the people in front no staff came to assist. We have been coming to the Pavilion for years but his year it lost it sparkle.

  10. First time here for many years and expected a fantastic panto, instead went home feeling deflated and fed up. Story made no sense, Nicola Parks voice annoyed the hell out of me, was very smutty in parts far too much for a kids panto. Long drawn out affair on seats that are quite frankly made for elves. Don’t think we will be back.

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