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Edinburgh Fringe: What I Heard About The World – Northern Stage @ St Stephen’s

Writers: Jorge Andrade, Alexander Kelly, Chris Thorpe

Reviewer: Deborah Klayman


When you really think about the world, it’s a bizarre and wonderful place. Arranging an absurd assortment of stories gleaned from the seven million personal stories that make it up, What I Heard About the World is a collaborative piece of theatrical performance weaves some of the most surprising accounts together and sets them in the modern mundanity of the creators’ imaginary flat. Alexander Kelly lounges on the sofa while Jorge Andrade speaks of the differences between Britain and his home country while Chris Thorpe sings and strums his guitar. His language is lyrical and somewhat poetic, contrasting with Thorpe’s delightfully deadpan delivery and Kelly’s cool didactic style.

The development of this piece has taken a considerable amount of time, five years from conception to the place the piece finds itself in August 2012. Undoubtedly it has gone through many incarnations, but the one we have the pleasure of experiencing has both the confidence of thorough preparation and the freshness of a piece that is ever evolving. It’s not exactly a play, but the fact that it is hard to quantify should not put anyone off. It’s this novel approach that makes the stories and experiences relayed easily accessible, allowing the audience the space to think and digest, to laugh or wince as appropriate. Like the individuality of the tales your experience of the production will be entirely your own, as some of the vignettes will be recognisable and others totally new.

From drinking seawater to prevent nations sinking into the sea to voicemail confession and operating in Antarctica, each encounter makes the world seem a little smaller, those far away a little closer, and the innate oddness of humanity a little clearer. Challenging in the very best of ways, this is definitely a production that will make you think.

Until 25th August

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