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Edinburgh Fringe: Punch – Underbelly

Writer: Steven Bloomer

Director: Jessica Edwards

Reviewer: John Roberts


Inevitably with every fringe there will be a show that divides critical opinion, it would appear that Punch is this reviewer’s marmite.

John played by Matthew Jones of Frisky and Mannish fame is being questioned by eager to please social worker Anne (Kirsty Mann) about a number of incidents, the latest following a rather dark comic set at the local comedy club, its during the next fifty minutes that secrets begin to unravel and neither of the pair are as clean cut as they seem to appear.

While it is undeniable that both Mann and Jones act their socks off in Bloomer’s latest piece, it is the casting of such young looking actors and the source material that is the root of its problems.

We are meant to believe that both actors are old enough to have young children while this technically could be the case the weight of the material that they are trying to shoulder just rests a little uncomfortable for it to be affecting.

Bloomers script is laden with shock “taboo” subjects including domestic violence, child abuse, racial prejudice and so on that the script ironically becomes its own joke, Jessica Edwards manages to root the production well and give good grounding to the rather insipid text, but ultimately leaves you feeling rather cold and sober.

Runs until 27th August

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