ED FRINGE: Ivo Graham: My Future My Clutter – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez

Writer: Ivo Graham

It is generally accepted that the audience of any named performer will be made up of their followers and this is no exception. Graham is akin to a crossword, those who follow one regularly will be on board much quicker and so it is with Graham, you have to be quick to keep up. Furiously fast and funny, he barely pauses for breath.

His alert mind and wit responds instantly to any situation; on asking some audience for a one word response to the pandemic, by the third person he created a whole new area to cover, reverting back to it through the evening, with great aplomb. His 32 years are as full as this show; youngest ever winner of ‘So You think You’re Funny in 2009, best newcomer 2010 Chortle Awards, French and Russian Oxford degree, married and has a daughter, for a start.

His subject area is mainly related to life the last few years and the future, his and ours, beautifully interspersed with anecdotes from his earlier life. Many areas covered are also pertinent to his years, social media, zoom meetings, twitter, What’s App, Wordle and Pepper Pig, still with it? Pepper Pig, present day kid’s favourite, is somewhat of a recurring subject, where some audience may have related more to Bill and Ben.

A percentage of audience resembled Wordle, an older section were ‘grey’ in understanding, not in the ball court, more were ‘yellow’ following some parts but most were ‘green’, like Graham, right on the ball. If you are a Graham fan, terrific, if not, this is still a tremendous hour of comedy and wit, just try and stay ‘green’, as most of the sold out house did.

Runs until 27 August 2022

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