ED FRINGE: Clive Anderson’s My Seven Wonders: Assembly George Square, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Anna Ambelez

After his 2019 sell out Fringe show, Clive Anderson is back, with a different guest every day. He requested all his guests to come with a list of their personal seven wonders, giving plenty of scope for conversation. One guest being Craig Hill the Scottish comedian was no exception.

Hill is a naturally funny, cheeky, camp comedian with great observational humour, picking up on various Anderson comments After his first stage success at 10 in a talent competition he later studied drama at Queen Margaret University College; this training shows in his expert handling of the audience.

Apart from Anderson being a barrister, adept at questioning, he is no stranger to comedy, having been a stand up himself and winner of a British Comedy Award; known for his radio and TV presenting, he also is a comedy writer, so at home in the interviewers seat.

Anderson guarantees you a relaxed entertaining assured show, which this is, his new live version of his hit new podcast format. The perfect interviewer says little and gets his guest to say a lot, Anderson does this, interjecting with a related story or comment to the guests story, when the opportunity arises, so giving his guest a breather.

There is a new guest every show so you could even enjoy this more than once. The shows starts at 16.45, with a ten minute laspe for any late comers so when you go, and you should, please be early and do not miss ten golden minutes of the hour. Anderson’s first appearance at the fringe was in his Cambridge days in 1974 and as he says after 48 years he is ”still coming back” as are his followers to his show.

Runs Until 29 August 2022

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