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ED FRINGE BLOG: To She Or Not To She – The End Approaches

What the..!? It’s the 31st?

Yes I’m not sure how on earth that happened but Fringe 2015 is almost over with ONLY 1 show left.

I find myself faced with a number of dilemmas.

  1. I haven’t seen everything that I planned to see. Oh the shaaame. “Yeah I’ll definitely come and see it!” I said. But I’m afraid that has turned into a big fat lie in some cases. How awful of me! I wasn’t lying at the time I promise. Just in the end I had to flyer, or sleep, or eat, or just have a night in the flat and eat copious amounts of pasta. Serious fear of missing out on those occasions of course.
  1. I didn’t go crazy/party all night long. Not ONCE. How lame. I haven’t ended up falling asleep on a battered mars bar or done a single Kaylee.
  1. I haven’t climbed Arthurs Seat. I could get up at 6am and do it tomorrow? Hmm.
  1. I keep seeing several of my heroes and not saying how much I admire them. I have bumped into Brigitte Christie twice, been stood next to Daniel Kitson for at least ten minutes. I even had a whole conversation with Miriam Margoyles yesterday outside Summerhall. Did I tell her how much love her work? NO. My mother would be appalled. I am appalled. I didn’t give them a flyer for the show, or just say well done on your multiple achievements you’ve inspired me and stuff.
  1. I haven’t won a Fringe First. It’s good to dream big but I guess you have to be realistic about what you can achieve with your first ever show. One day though. One day!
  1. We still have around 100 posters in our flat that I ran out of time to go and put up. If you want one for your bedroom wall, let us know. (Retail price £10.98)
  1. Haven’t written as many blogs as I planned too. (Hope this one is satisfactory thus far however.)

BUT NEVER FEAR SWEET AUDIENCE (that’s a line from my play by-the-way if you haven’t seen it).

SOLUTION 1: I’ll get a chance to see the stuff that transfers to London and also I’ll be cramming as much in over the weekend as poss. Finally got the chance to see Transcripts today, which was flipping incredible and then in the evening Butoh Medea which was haunting and breathtaking

SOLUTION 2: I’ll try not to regret not partying too hard, my voice teacher would be proud! Anyway, I’m saving it for the end of fringe party tonight!


SOLUTION 4: I can learn to be a little more forthcoming in future, abandon your shyness Emma there is no place for it in Eddy. Miriam if you are reading this- I think you’re amazing. But also I guess you can always drop people an email after if you’re feeling particularly shy.

SOLUTION 5: Focus on what you have achieved! Forgot the awards – Anyway it’s not as if we haven’t got to drink our fair share of Prosecco as we’ve been living with TEAM Labels! I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve got to see some fantastic work. And over 500 people have seen the show and all (all the ones I noticed anyway) of them have been so lovely about the show. The audience members I’ve got the chance to meet have been so interesting to talk to and passionate about the message we’re trying to promote. It may not be a Fringe First but it’s a good start.

SOLUTION 6: Posters are on the mile- EVERYWHERE. And as I said before at least I’ll have a poster for my mum back home. Plus any other family/friends that would like my face framed on their wall? (Special retail price: £109.98)

I will hopefully squeeze one more blog in before this whole thing is wrapped up.

We have 1 show left, we would love to see you there and have a laugh and share something special before this crazy month is all over and real life resumes. Pleasance Courtyard “This”, 1pm. Get Stuffed Will.

Farewell for now,

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