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ED FRINGE BLOG: To She Or Not To She – O Brave New World… (of Edinburgh)

Emma BentlyThoughts on first 72 hours of the show.


Our show is at 1pm, so the first few hours of the day spent of flyering go past very quickly. It’s pretty quiet in the morning with a lot of kids shows around the Courtyard, but we’ve managed to catch people with our snazzy t-shirts.

Then before I know it,12.30pm, it’s showtime baby.

Leonie and Holly are out flyering their little bums off pre-show. And then BOOOOM. There’s like 25 people there all waiting for a play to start.

First show was easily the best experience I’ve ever had on stage. I’d been stressing about the show all week, and not the good kind of stress where you feel like it’s all gonna work out in the end, but the unsure achy feeling in your stomach when you’ve feel it’ll go horrible wrong and you’ll dry or fart or cry (in the bits when you’re not meant to do any of these things.) BUT IT WAS GOOD. They laughed. Woop. Having people come up to us and saying it’s the first show they’ve seen and it was a good start their Fringe is very, very nice to hear.

Suddenly the past 10 months of slogging is all worth it.

A lady on the front row got a bit teary at the end the other show yesterday, and I’m thinking, blimey it actually seems to strike a chord. YES I MADE SOMEONE FEEL SOMETHING.

Holly and I went out and put some posters up after the show, we started by asking people very tentatively- surely the people of Edinburgh wouldn’t want our posters in their windows. But actually it turns out they do! Picking some good spots on walls is a very satisfying thing to do. We tried doing piggy backs on the mile to get some posters on some higher spots but EPIC FAIL.

Went for a run (slash walk) yesterday morning first thing, which made me feel like a proper good actor. Yesterday’s show I panicked about dreaded “second show syndrome” which I managed to dodge by the hair on my teeth.

This is the first show EVER I’ve done more than 5 times, so every show will be different right?!

LABELS/TSONTS house is a lovely haven to return back too however from the occasional rain showers or “I literally can’t move my arms to put any more posters up” feeling. We have been cooking for each other, big hearty meals- WE NEED FOOD. It is good.

So onwards and upwards. Previews done.

I saw this thing on @edinburghhub saying “Don’t stop until you’re happy.” Which, although we are almost almost there, we’re just changing the final few things…….

To She or Not to She plays daily at The Pleasance Courtyard at 1pm

For more information click here

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