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ED FRINGE BLOG: Fame Costs with Dandy Darkly

In this series of brief interviews, cruise ship worker, wannabe performer and celebrity stalker Lance talks about fame with the boldest and brightest names at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Lance also hosts his un-famous chat show “Late with Lance!” every day at 2:30pm at the Counting House. Fame may cost, but the show and this blog are free. www.LanceShow.com

Hi everybody! My name’s Lance. What’s yours? I got to talk about fame with the one and only Dandy Darkly who’s performing his show “Dandy Darkly’s Trigger Happy” at The Edinburgh Fringe. Here’s how it went down…

Lance: Hello, Dandy Darkly

Dandy DarklyDandy Darkly: Oh, hi Lance, it’s a pleasure! I can’t wait to talk to you about fame. She’s a fickle mistress.

First of all, is that your real name?

Yes! I come from a proud line of Darkly’s. I’ve never been one to want to change my name.

When did you first realize you were famous, Dandy?

Well, ya know, I don’t know if I’m necessarily famous. I’m performing in a basement. (laughs) But I suppose I realized I was famous when people were just coming out of the woodwork, asking me for all the money I owe them. And that’s the moment – when you realize that everyone is asking you to pony up on the donations …

You’re talking about crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing? More theft, really!

What have you stolen?

I’ve stolen hearts. Not as many as you have though, Lance. I’m certain. (pauses) Fame? I don’t know that I’m necessarily famous.

Well, I think you are because that’s why I picked your name out of hat! How much would you pay to become more famous?

Oh, my goodness! As you know, there are ample, ample opportunities to “pay” your way to fame, especially at some of the larger fringe festivals – from advertising to endorsements from various publications as it were…

Uhm, I wouldn’t know anything about that.

I sort of enjoy my off-the-beaten-path kind of allure that comes with my particular brand of storytelling. You know, I think all too often, there’s too much in the way of teams and marketing and all those sorts of things. I’ve sort of discovered that as long as you stick to what’s true about what you do, you can go forward with it…you can find fame without having to spend as much money as there’s opportunity to spend.

I agree. I think it’s better to save your money and just have five people in the audience.

Fame on a small scale. We’ll call it that.

How much did Liza Minnelli spend to become famous?

(pauses) $47.00 perhaps? Oh, miss Liza. Poor thing.

Well, she’s going to be on my show in Edinburger so you can ask her there. Have you seen the movie Fame?

Is that the one with the rape scene?

Uhm …

No! That’s Showgirls! Without a doubt, the scene in Fame is the one with that sassy woman who bangs the floor with her stick and she tells them, “You can’t have fame. You have to work for fame!”

Yeah. She’s famous. Bill Cosby’s sister-in-law, or something like that. Who’s the most famous person you know?

My pianist Adam Tendler. He’s known all over the US as a fabulous piano player.

Well, I’m glad you name your private parts!

(clears throat) The best advice I can give you or anyone is stay true to your original voice. Once you start trying to second-guess what audiences and critics want from you, you kind of lose track of what brought joy into your art in the very beginning.

I think I’m going to cry.

You can cry at my show!

I will!

You’re a true joy, Lance, and I can’t wait to see you at the fringe, ya little scamp.

I think so! Good luck on your success, Dandy!

Dandy Darkly returns! NYC’s rapid-fire raconteur of tales of sex and death is back with another brand new show! “Dandy Darkly’s Trigger Happy” plays CC Blooms at 6:45pm.


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