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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: The Money – City Hall, Dublin

Creator: Seth Honnor

Director: Seth Honnor

Reviewer: Ciara L. Murphy

The Money is an exercise in the human condition. At stake is a pot of very real money. The aim of the game: figure out how to spend it (within the game’s three rules) before the clock runs out.

There are two roles for the audience in this theatre-game hybrid. Players have a stake in the outcome, they are the ones who must decide what happens to the money. The catch: the decision must be unanimous. The Silent Witnesses must watch as the group decides what should happen as the clock counts down from 60 minutes to zero. If this sounds boring, it is anything but.

As audience member becomes performer/player, leaders emerge and factions are created. Cold, hard, cash is a great motivator and along with a ticking clock and two very formidable overseers ensures that the tension is held for the entirety of the interaction.

This reviewer’s role as a silent witness is frustrating but tantalising. Muzzled by our ‘witness’ status, the rest of the audience can only look on in approval (or abject despair) as the fate of the money is decided by those in power. However, The Money has a few tricks up its sleeve to keep matters interesting.

Societal dynamics play out in this iteration of the performance with very entertaining results. Clashes of personalities and desperate lobbying for the sensible distribution of the group’s cash result in moments of utter hilarity and near-riotous anger.

The setting, in Dublin City Hall’s Council Chamber, lends an air of authority and gravitas to proceedings. But will the willingness to do good outweigh the tempting pull towards the selfish? It’s a different answer every night, begging the question: what would you do?

Runs until 16 September 2018 | Image: Contributed

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