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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: Backwash – 2 Scarlet Row, Dublin.

Presented by: Anu Productions

Reviewed by: Ciara Murphy


13-Henrietta-Street-842x460Emotionally gripping, morally challenging and absolutely exquisite are only some of the ways to describe a show like Backwash.

Backwash tells the story of a hair salon owner who has to close her business due to lack of finance. As she is packing up, what she doesn’t count on is the arrival of her headstrong employee Sasha. Expecting to turn up for work, Sasha’s world is pulled out from under her as she is faced with unexpected job loss and the betrayal of someone she considered a friend. Sasha will not take no for an answer and what follows is an intense and raw confrontation between the two women.

This piece connects with another in the ‘13’ series, Porous, and if the audience are lucky enough to experience them both it serves to enhance the performance experience. Despite the connection between the two performances, each individual story is powerful in its own right and Backwash has no difficulty in impacting on the audience all by itself.

The audience cannot help but participate in this event, the story and the people present are a sight close to home for many. There are a lot of genuinely heart-wrenching moments and within the audience the powerful pull of empathy can be felt throughout.

Both actors are on top of their game in this performance, delivering an outstanding representation of their characters that are so believable it is almost disturbing.

As the end of the performance draws near the audience’s own actions are truly tested as they are expected to aid the characters, but who will they decide to help?

During this show’s final moments it is clear that the audience have connected with the characters and invested emotionally in both women’s journeys. Reluctant to depart and full of emotion, the audience members go their separate ways certainly still reflecting on what they have seen.

This is yet another stellar performance by Anu Productions.

Runs until September 21st.

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