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DUBLIN FRINGE FESTIVAL: 13: Resilience – 14 Henrietta Street, Dublin.

Presented by: Anu Productions

Reviewed by: Ciara Murphy


resilienceAnu Productions present Resilience, a play that expertly merges the past and present and gives its audience a truly unique theatre experience. One part of a 13 piece performance series, this performance tells the tale of a couple; desolate, despairing and in denial. The characters connect with each other in a way that seamlessly meshes love and hate in a way that makes one indistinct from the other. A strikingly tormented dance of resistance and pain occurs as the story unfolds.

What is immediately striking about a piece of theatre like Resilience is its location. As the audience make the journey to this forgotten area of Dublin they are immediately confronted with the intertwined world of wealth and desolation. This inner-city street oozes history and almost tingles with an atmosphere that is heavy with stories never told.

As the audience is welcomed into this dank and isolated environment they enter the story through the past and move onwards into the present day. Each audience member is personally addressed and told one perspective of the events that have taken place. The audience is expected to react and participate, and later become accountable for what has happened in this house.

The venue is perfect. The context is fitting and the message is clear and open. Anu have transformed their audience from mere modern day spectators and given them responsibility. The characters in Resilience are not just faces, they have appealed to our sentiments, they have included us, we are responsible for them. The two main characters deliver an outstanding performance, the audience is transfixed by their fluid movements and is openly effected by the sheer power of their presence within the space.

What is beautiful about this performance is the sense of participation, the feeling that the audience can truly impact the outcome of the piece. This aspect of the performance itself carries true the message of accountability that Anu are promoting.

This is an exhilarating, thought provoking, emotional and raw experience. If you only see one performance this festival season, let Resilience be it.

Runs until 21st September.

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