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Don’t Disturb the Driver – The Space on North Bridge, Edinburgh

Writer:Thomas Jones &Nikolai Ribnikov

Director:Nikolai Ribnikov

Reviewer:Lucy Danser


Don't Disturb the Driver

Don’t Disturb the Driver

Velvet Trumpet’s Don’t Disturb the Driver takes place in a Swansea coach station on the day that driver Will is about to become the youngest driver to reach 1 million miles of service. Surrounded by well-meaning friends and family excited for his success Will’s sour mood stands out sharply.

Soon we learn that, due to getting his girlfriend (now wife) pregnant at a young age, he can’t help but despair at the disappointing direction his life his taking and the day of celebration acts as a catalyst for the outburst he’s been waiting to have. Thanks to a cast of kooky characters played with verve by the talented cast including the ever enthusiastic Clive (Thomas Jones), the useless, constantly angry Paul (Greg Snowden) and the bullied English (Lyle Barke) there are plenty of sitcom worthy humorous situations to be found.

This, writers Thomas Jones and Nikolai Ribnikov, certainly do with a tight, well-written script. It varies often between fairly mundane subject matter and absolutely ridiculous premises – the one in which English outlines all the many ways in which he’s been subjected to bullying stands out particularly. As a comedy,Don’t Disturb the Driveris spot on, but the gravitas that the writers attempt to bring to the piece with the storyline about Will’s unhappiness don’t quite work. There are some weak links in the piece but, overall, it’s a fun and engaging comedy that’ll brighten up your afternoon.

Runs until Sat 24th Aug

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