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Dirty Great Love Story – Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Writers: Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna

Director: Pia Furtado

Reviewer: Flip Miller


Dirty_Great_Love_StoryFrom the minute Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna walk on stage you were immediately pulled into their lives and their on / off relationship.

This one act play is the poetry equivalent of a Marian Keyes novel. You, the audience are outsiders looking in at the players. You can see what is blindingly obvious but the characters take over an hour to realise it.

The play is written almost entirely in poetry with a smattering of prose thrown in. It is so well written that you barely noticed the characters were speaking in rhyme.

The lighting, by Charlie Lucas, was the main scene setting tool for the piece. It was amazing to see how a simple change of light could give the impression of a door opening, a nightclub or a summer’s day in rural England.

Marsh and Bonna play the additional parts, CC. Westie and Matt themselves. With nothing more than a change in stature, flick of the hair or change of accent they also, very convincingly, became these characters. You were never left in any doubt as to who was speaking.

As the writers Marsh and Bonna also perform in the piece you get the full feeling of all the emotions they want to portray to the audience. You wonder if this would be successful with any other actors playing the parts.

The play rollercoastered from high drama to comedy. The play was so emotion packed there were times you wanted to shout at the star crossed lovers or get on stage and hug Richard when Katie rejects his advances yet again. Then, there were parts where you could not help but laugh out loud. Long may it continue.

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    Judith Shallow

    AAA-mazing show.