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David Elms: Goody Boy – Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

Reviewer: Kate Harvey

Elms is delightfully bashful, and yet it becomes clear that his ‘Goody Boy’ persona is the perfect combination of bold improvisation and an undeniable knowledge of the comedy circuit.

In tandem with his previous ‘Boy’ shows, David Elms wins the hearts of many as he adopts this act for the evening, treating the audience to a series of clever ditties on guitar. He dedicates the show to his wife, Liz, to whom he feels indebted for spending too much time away on tour, and portrays her in a way that provokes a quick glance around to wonder whether she is indeed sat among the audience. Elms is undoubtedly the sort of comedian that you would take to meet the parents.

This is a quietly impressive show complete with a game of Chinese whispers and a handful of modest props: a piece of paper, a member of the audience, guitar and a ‘Police’ baseball cap that he evidently stole from the set of the television show in which he is currently starring, Borderline. While this may provoke a few raised eyebrows, the audience is quick to comprehend the faculty of his word-savvy show on love and married life and will be left singing his witty choruses well into the evening.

By cleverly weaving his way through a series of analogies on the topic, he ventures on an hour-long quest for a metaphor that perfectly describes marriage. His act ventures from the naturalistic to the downright silly, as he fumbles around to look up the dictionary definition for ‘marriage’ on his iPhone midway through his performance. It doesn’t take long to realize that he has the audience right where he wants them to be. Elms experiments with musical metaphors such as: ‘marriage is like a city’ and eventually ‘marriage is like a (trade) union’, as he directly satirizes the fact that the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 is hailed to be more ‘political’ than in previous years. If you’re a lover of wordplay, prepare to leave feeling highly titillated.

You can assure that this man will be here, there and everywhere throughout this year’s Fringe. Don’t miss out on David Elms’ delightful one-man show as he goes from magician’s assistant in Mr. Swallow’s Houdini by day to stand-up comedian by night in the Pleasance Courtyard.

Ensure that David Elms charms his way into your Fringe schedule this August by catching him at the Pleasance Courtyard.

Runs until 28 August 2016

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