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Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale – Waterside Arts, Sale

Reviewer: Matthew Forrest

Writer: Marlon Solomon

Marlon Solomon didn’t feel particularly Jewish. As a young schoolboy, he went as far as to test his Rabbi, by calling God “a poo” – with no reprisals from God at all. However, what did make him stand up and take notice of his religious background was the volume of unchallenged anti-Semitic feelings rife amongst members of the public, in certain aspects of the media, and even infiltrating our political parties.

The show opens before Solomon’s arrival on stage with various clips showing numerous conspiracy theories on topics from 9/11 to the Flat Earth Society. This clever, witty setup coupled with the show’s jokey comic title is something of red herring: you may feel you’re going to a show that examines the more absurd theories that litter the internet, but in actual fact, we were treated to a very personal journey for Solomon as he looks into anti-Semitism.

Solomon is a comic, actor, and musician which makes him an engaging storyteller. This coupled with fun videos, a couple of sketches, and a well-constructed presentation, sees Solomon take us on a journey through Jewish persecution and the various century-old narratives that Jewish people control the world’s press and finances. From the rise of Nazism to the popularity of conspiracy theorists such as David Icke and Alex Jones, a US radio presenter, and friend of Donald Trump.

Using a mixture of personal stories, experiences, and having the backup of social media as a sidekick and wealth of comedic material. Soloman manages to fashion a couple of songs out of the various hate tweets he receives, (bad spelling and grammar included). Whilst the delivery of the show is at times laid back and quite flippant, this again is misdirection, because what is being discussed is quite terrifying, and has huge implications for so many people, not just in Britain but across the world. Such is the power and important message behind this production that it has been performed to a select committee at the House of Parliament.

This is a pitch-black comedic show with an important message and a great deal to say about the state of the world. At times the jokes don’t always work as well as you want them to, but this is a show that will challenge, inform, educate and entertain.

Reviewed on 3 June 2021


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