Confessions of a Personal Trainer – Greenside @ Infirmary Street, Edinburgh

Writer: Katie Kopajtic

Reviewer: Faye Hadley

As an employee of the ritzy Equinox health club in New York, Katie Kopajtic spends a lot of time interacting with the affluent. In her one woman show Kopajtic shares tales about her favourite clients, and the ones she loved to hate.

The show opens with a series of stretching exercises for both performer and audience, an unexpected beginning that showcases Kopajtic’s warmth and energy. Her enthusiasm welcomes the crowd and has everyone joining in with no hesitation. Everyone loosened up, she leads us through her own life and the lives of her clients. Using only lighting changes to signify when she is inhabiting others and when she is speaking as herself, she creates defined and well realised characters. The simple staging is effective and creates the mood of a conversation among friends.

Kopajtic’s acting when playing the roles of her clients is generally very strong, let down only by a slightly ropey Irish accent. She acknowledges this during the performance, making a joke about it. It is when speaking directly to the audience like this that she really shines. Kopajtic is blessed with a magnetic personality that keeps us hanging on her every word.

While enjoyable, the show feels somewhat disjointed and the slightly abrupt ending fails to draw together the threads. At only 45 minutes long, there is room for Kopajtic to add a little more substance to the show, should she choose to develop it further. The emotional finale is ripe for further exploration and would make the point of the performance clearer. There are several points in the show that leave the audience hoping for more and not always in a good way.

Despite its flaws, Kopajtic has still created an entertaining experience, for fitness fanatics and couch potatoes alike.

Runs until 26 August 2017 | Image: Contributed


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For fitness fanatics and couch potatoes alike

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