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Comedy Club 4 Kids – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer: Jay Nuttall

It is exactly what is says in the title. Why should stand-up comedy only be for adults? Don’t children appreciate the art of someone standing on stage and trying to make them laugh? Stand-up comedy for children is not a new phenomenon. James Campbell has been a professional stand-up comic specialising in a younger audience for years and Comedy Club 4 Kids has been established for over a decade.

Of course, the topics and language you would find in any ‘adult’ comedy club is cut from the material of the comics but there is a whole new level of risqué for an audience of 6+. We all know many children’s favourite words are bum and poo and farts, no matter what your age, are always hilarious. This is very much the tone for the hour of comedy.
Held together by our compere, here only known as Matt, we have two twenty-five minute sets. Heckles aplenty it isn’t long before Matt is winning over his new fans and finding Dads in the audience to blow raspberries on.

First comedian, Aussie Bec Hill, bounds onto stage with more colour in her outfit than an explosion in a paint factory. Immediately likeable and warm she almost lost her demographic audience with a bold statement exclaiming that she didn’t like Spiderman but won back her audience with her very funny reasoning why. Making use of flip books for a song about dinosaurs and another entitled ‘Everything Farts’ her set was varied and strong.

As the second comedian, Geordie Lee Kyle’s opening gambit was the claim that swearing was both big and clever. Giving himself and the children free reign to say out loud all the naughty(ish) words they are usually chastised for his set was littered with references to body parts and bodily functions that children just love to snigger at.

At times the comics gave too much free reign and lost control of the 300 strong audience who all wanted a say. Do not go if you feel a headache coming, are not prepared for some parental humiliation and audience participation or are easily offended by the ruder words in a child’s vocabulary. Do go if you have children over the age of six who have never seen stand-up comedy. I gave my eight-year-old a couple of words to sum up the afternoon and his critical review consisted of “brilliantly bonkers”.

Reviewed on Saturday 18th February.

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Brilliantly bonkers.

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