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CHILD’S EYE VIEW: Dick Whittington- The Rock and Roll Panto – Clwyd Theartr Cymru, Mold

Writer and Director: Peter Rowe

Reviewer: Phoebe Patrick age 11


I really enjoy Christmas and one of my favourite things about it, is going to see a pantomime. However this wasn’t any ordinary pantomime…firstly there were no celebrities and secondly all the cast played musical instruments live on stage as this was Dick Whittington: The Rock’n’Roll panto.

The story is loosely based on Richard Whittington a small town boy from Gloucestershire, who followed his dreams and the belief that the London streets were paved with gold (of course they weren’t that would be more silly than the pantomime.) In this version Dick and his cat, Taffy are hired to help guard Alderman Fitzwarren’s gold, while working here he falls in love with Fitzwarren’s daughter Alice. Unfortunately Dick is framed as a gold thief by the evil King Rat, so Dick has to prove he is innocent and win the hand of his one true love. The story is full of silly moments and most of these come from the pantomime dame Sarah the Cook played by Phylip Harries who was very, very funny.

The cast all played their own musical instruments throughout the show and although there were very talented at times the music was so loud you couldn’t hear what was being sung, this was really noticeable when Alice played by the pretty Suzi Power was singing. Alex Parry as the horrible King Rat was my favourite, he was really mean and made the audience boo him really loudly every time he came onto the stage…I loved the chase through the audience, especially when Dick played by Ben Gerrard hid behind me.

As you would hope with a pantomime the costumes were bright and very colourful but had a Rock’n’Roll twistand the set (both designed by Judith Croft) was simple, in the first half it was used as the front steps into Fitzwarren’s house with flashing neon signs pointing to places in London and in the second half became the dark, damp and gloomy sewers.

The music choices were great as I knew lots of the songs the cast were singing so I could sing along (I don’t think my Nan liked me singing), the show ended later than expected but that is because the cast and the audience were having a great time and decided to party after the main part had finished.

Dick Whittington is a great fun-filled family panto that will have you booing and cheering at the top of your lungs and clapping till your hands are red! Am I allowed to go again?

Photo: Nobby Clark

Runs until 26th January 2013


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