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CHILD’S EYE VIEW: Cirque du Ciel’s ShangHi – The Liverpool Empire

Director: Zhang Wan

Reviewer: Phoebe Patrick (age 10)


Last night I went to Liverpool with my uncle to see a cirque show, this is a performance using acrobats and gymnasts to entertain instead of animals, it was also in the huge Liverpool Empire and not in a big top as I was expecting.

The show uses projections of photographs taken around the city of ShangHi to tell us the theme, however some of these were not very good quality and at times really distracted me from watching the performers, the lighting was also messy especially at the beginning as you couldn’t see what the performers were doing. There was also a story of a young girl but it wasn’t very clear what was happening and this confused me.

I have not seen a production like this before and the acts on stage were amazing, I especially enjoyed the energetic Hooping routine, where the male performers would jump and cartwheel through really small hoops of different sizes and heights. I also really liked them when they were throwing men around on their feet. I didn’t think things like this were possible.

One of the shows most beautiful moments was the aerial gymnastics especially the ladies swinging on giant silver hoops so high above the stage, it made me feel really scared for their safety – but my uncle told me feeling like that is all part of the enjoyment of watching a show like this.

The show used a mixture of recorded music and an onstage drummer, I thought the choice of music really helped the show create an atmosphere and the energy of the drummer was brilliant.

I enjoyed my first experience of watching a cirque show and hope that I can see other shows like this in the future.

Runs until 21st June 2012


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