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CHILD’S EYE VIEW: Cinderella – Alhambra Theatre, Bradford

Writers: Michael Harrison and Alan McHugh

Musical Director: Steve Price

Choreographer: Stillie Dee

Director: Ed Curtis

Reviewer: Humayraa Sheikh (Age 12)


“Hi-ya-kids!” – I love going to the pantomime at the Bradford Alhambra. As you go in the doors, snow starts falling, Santa Claus welcomes you to the show, you are greeted by the sound of children singing Christmas songs, and you know the excitement of Christmas starts right here.

Cinderella is made to scrub the floors and bullied by her mean ugly sisters. She falls in love with a handsome prince, and with the help of her fairy godmother and her only friend Buttons, marries the man of her dreams.

The fairy godmother, played by Lynda Bellingham in a beautiful sparkling silver dress opens the show. It’s hard to believe this is only the second time she has starred in a pantomime. Brian Godfrey and Ben Stock are brilliant as the ugly sisters in their outrageous colourful costumes. They are mean and selfish at every opportunity they get to bully Cinderella played by the beautiful Hannah Grover, but they really livened up the performance.

Without a doubt, the star of the show is Buttons who is played by Billy Pearce. His jokes and the way he fools about on stage is just so funny, you can’t stop yourself laughing out loud. I love the parts when he talks in silly squeaky voices, and grumbles behind stage for not getting things quite right. Buttons and Baron Hardup played by Brendan Sheerin together dance to Bolero which is hilarious. Throughout the show, Pearce has all the children and their mums and dads laughing, shouting, and joining in which makes being at the pantomime so much fun. It is also exciting to see ITV’s Superstar finalist Afnan Iftikhar playing Dandini.

The special effects by the Twins FX are amazing with Pearce riding a motorbike high above the audience, and the Ugly Sisters’ huge spider shooting its web all over the audience. The set is also fantastic with Grover riding to the palace ball in a beautiful gold carriage pulled by live cute little Shetland ponies. The show also has some superb music, songs and dance routines, with Pearce, Bellingham, Sheerin and Iftikhar joining together at the end of the show to perform their own riotous rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas.

This truly is “the greatest pantomime of them all”. Packed with music, dance and side splitting humour its festive family fun for all the family that makes the magic of Christmas to life.

Runs until 3rd February 2013


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    The show was brilliant none stop laughter, costumes excellant
    all the cast gave a top class performance.