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Charlie Baker: 24 Hour Pasty People – Hull Truck Theatre

Reviewer: Christopher Holmes

Writer and Performer: Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker brings his new show 24 Hour Pasty People to the Hull Truck Theatre as part of his 2023 tour. And what a show this was. Baker has never felt so refreshing as he spanned from relatable anecdotes about his daily life to side-splitting stories that, quite frankly, have very little to do with pasties! His off the cuff gadfly banter with the audience in the first half shows just what a skilful comedian he is. Trying to conduct his audience to recreate a typical Wednesday in a south Devon cattle market is a particular highlight.

The true genius of Charlie Baker really becomes apparent in act 2 with his ability to turn the mundane into comedic gold. Whether he’s recounting the trials and tribulations of getting through a day of chores or explaining the quirks of his eccentric fellow Devonians, his observational comedy has the audience nodding in agreement and guffawing in unison.

But Baker doesn’t stop at just making you laugh; he engages with the audience in a way that makes you feel like you’re sharing a private joke with an old friend in the pub. His interactions with the crowd were a highlight of the evening, and his quick wit had us in stitches as he effortlessly riffed on audience members’ responses.

The show was a rollercoaster of hilarity, with Baker seamlessly transitioning from one hilarious story to another. His physical comedy was just as impressive as his verbal wit, with exaggerated gestures and facial expressions that had us doubled over with laughter.

In a world that sometimes feels like it’s short on good-natured humour, Charlie Baker is a true master of his craft. His comedic style is a reminder that life’s absurdities are best appreciated with a hearty laugh. This really is an evening of pure comedic delight. You’ll leave the theatre with aching cheeks, a lighter heart, and a newfound appreciation for this extraordinary comedian. He also sings and dances beautifully – true variety – that’s showbiz!

Reviewed on 16th September 2023. Currently touring.

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The Reviews Hub Score

That’s showbiz!

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