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Anton and Erin: Swingtime – Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Anton and Erin in Swingtime

Conductor: Richard Balcombe Reviewer:  James Garrington Anyone who has ever watched the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing will be familiar with the names of Erin Boag and Anton du Beke. Boag performed in the first ten series of the programme, and du Beke has been a permanent, and very popular, fixture through the entire run. With a title like Swing Time ...

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Made In India – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Ulrika Krishnamurti as Aditi in Made in India

Writer: Satinder Chohan Director: Katie Posner Reviewer:  Nicole Evans Made In India. A phrase we see on our clothing, our toys, our tea; so why not our babies? Setting out to explore the rights and wrongs of foreign surrogacy arrangements in India, Made In India asks this very question and portrays the story of three women; Eva, the child-seeking westerner, Dr ...

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I Used To Hear Footsteps – The Studio, Derby Theatre

Writer: Jack A. G. Britton Reviewer:  Hannah Powell A thought provoking show designed to make even the most sceptic spectator sit upright, I Used to Hear Footsteps tells the tale of writer and actor Jack Britton’s childhood home in Beeston, Nottingham, and the supernatural happenings surrounding it. The audience is invited to join Jack as he presents his findings in ...

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Lady Chatterley’s Lover – Blue Orange Theatre, Birmingham

Writer: Roman de Fruscan from the book by D. H.Lawrence Director: Tina Hofman Reviewer:  Selwyn Knight Life certainly seems to have dealt Clifford, Lord Chatterley, a poor hand. Injured in the Great War, he has also lost his elder brother. His beautiful young wife has needs he feels he is unable to satisfy as a cripple. Desperate to ensure there ...

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Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games – New Theatre, Oxford

Choreographer: Michael Flatley Reviewer:  Bethaney Rimmer “If you believe in yourself and you are willing to work hard, then nothing is impossible” – a quote from Michael Flatley himself, who has indeed achieved incredible things. The original Lord of the Dance debuted in 1996 and has maintained its enormous popularity for almost twenty-one years, selling out arenas from Tokyo to ...

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The Play That Goes Wrong – Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Writers: Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields Director: Mark Bell Reviewer:  Nicole Evans Collapsing stage sets, unconscious leading ladies and badly timed Duran Duran would normally be the characteristics of a production that was winging its way to the theatrical scrapheap but for The Play That Goes Wrong, it’s simply all par for the course. Morphing from the creative minds of ...

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Cathy – mac Birmingham

Cathy from Cardboard Citizens

Writer: Ali Taylor Director: Adrian Jackson Reviewer:  Mattie Bagnall It has been over fifty years since the BBC television play Cathy Come Home first told the compelling story of Cathy losing her livelihood as she was forced onto the streets. Many of these issues still remain in modern day society. Ali Taylor’s latest play brings Cathy Come Home into 2017 ...

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Gaslight – Aylesbury Waterside Theatre

Gaslight Kara Tointon as Bella Manningham; Rupert Young as Jack Manningham

Writer: Patrick Hamilton Director: Anthony Banks Reviewer:  Scott Matthewman There aren't many plays whose names have become part of the dictionary. Patrick Hamilton's psychological melodrama is one of the few, with 'gaslighting' coming to mean the mental abuse that causes someone to doubt their own sanity in the manner that Gaslight's Jack Manningham inflicts on his wife Bella. Indeed, the ...

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