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Fascinating Aida – The ICC, Birmingham

Reviewer: James Garrington It is now thirty years since Fascinating Aida first appeared on the scene with their somewhat irreverent show, and they are marking the occasion with a tour of their new show Charm Offensive. For those who have never seen them, take Victoria Wood, multiply by three and make it rather more risqué, and you have Fascinating Aida. ...

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The Wind in the Willows – Royal and Derngate, Northampton

Director: Gary Sefton Writer: Patrick Sandford, adapted from the book by Kenneth Grahame, Reviewer: George Attwell Gerhards It’s that time of year again when theatres are taken over by the gaudiness and extravagance of pantomime. It’s a time for families to make the trip to the theatre, children being introduced to it for the first time. It’s a shame that ...

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The Shop of Little Horrors – Curve, Leicester

Music: Simon Preston Director: Emma Williams Reviewer: Rebecca Taylor Pickled Image are a unique puppet company who make and perform using very clever puppetry. For this performance there are eight puppets all introduced cleverly throughout the twisted plot and used to perfection to create a slight unease in the audience. The larger puppets are very life-like with varied movements, so ...

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