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CD Review – Lift

Music &Lyrics: Craig Adams

Producers: Tobi Lustigman &Perfect Pitch

Reviewer: Jacqui Onions


Have you ever wondered about the lives of the people you pass in the street, sit by on the train or ride with in a lift? Most of us find ourselves people watching from time to time and it is this aspect of human nature that Craig Adams and Ian Watson are appealing to with their new musical, Lift. Eight strangers ride together in a lift at Covent Garden tube station and this musical follows how their lives overlap and connect; looking at life and relationships in London.

This concept album doesn’t really live up to the promise of what it could and should be and it certainly falls a long way short of becoming the British Ordinary Days. It is difficult to visualise how this show will take shape and to fully follow the stories of the eight characters just by listening to this selection of songs. Much of the music is forgettable and lacks the poeticism or clever, witty lyrics needed to grab the attention of the listener or for the songs to stand up out of context. On occasion the lyrics also seem to be trying too hard to sound edgy or shocking, as is the case with the sexual exploits mentioned in Link/Diversions End and Diversions End 2; although the image created of a guy (sung by Paul Ayres) pretending to be a busty blonde in a chat room does raise a smile.

The beginning of Lost in Translation is almost tuneless but it develops into a beautiful melody that reaches its full potential in the hands of Louise Dearman, creating the first real sense of depth and emotion on the album. This is followed up with It’s Been a Year, the only track where the music and lyrics really come together to produce a song that draws the listener in, although this is largely down to Julie Atherton’s gift for portraying the story and emotion behind a song. Anybody that has been through a break-up will be able to relate to this song, and that’s exactly what needs to be developed for Lift to fulfil its potential – songs that ordinary people that ride in the lifts at Covent Garden tube station can relate to.


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