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Catherine Cohen: Come For Me- The Komedia, Brighton

Reviewer: Simon Topping

By: Catherine Cohen, with Frazer Hadfield on Piano

Reviewer: Simon Topping

Catherine Cohen presents a joyously upbeat evening with fabulous musical numbers, displaying a tremendously frank naughtiness, which delights a Brighton crowd.

Cohen is a rapturous ball of energy as she starts her set, pinging back and forth on stage. Telling tales of drunkenness, sex and the over consumption of cheese, she playfully taunts her audience, who love the attention.

Accompanied by the talented and nimble fingered Frazer Hadfield on piano, Cohen launches into several songs throughout the performance. She has a great singing voice suited to the Broadway stage and a little reminiscent of a young Joni Mitchell.

Whisking the room through her observations on life and how she will always be the “loud” one as far as her family is concerned but she doesn’t care, it is clear to see Cohen has an infectious lust for life which generates a discernible feel good aura in the room. Her flamboyant delivery and goofy clowning belies the intelligence that so obviously powers her material.

Sometimes surreal and wonderfully outlandish observations make the audience rock with laughter. She finds it creepy now her boyfriend is an uncle, the song about doing crazy stuff just so you have something to write in your auto-biography and her obsession with true crime podcasts all hit it big with the appreciative crowd.

Cohen is not afraid to switch between the sincere and the silly. Lyrics in her mostly optimistic and lively song set are varied and brimming with impish and sometimes poignant questions. The line “Why is it so easy to get pregnant but so hard to buy a house?” gets a large cheer of recognition from the room. And there’s not many other places where you’ll hear the mention of mitochondria in a song. This all goes to show how adventurous and inventive Cohen is in her comedy offerings. She looks like she is having just as much fun as the gathering watching.

Cohen has a great charism and total command of her performance. There are plenty of belly laughs throughout her set and to end the evening her song “I Wanna Feel Good” leaves the audience uplifted in the knowledge they have shared a short time away from any worry, unplugged from social media and happy for an eminent jester to have entertained us and made us laugh heartily at both her and ourselves.

Take the opportunity to go and see her now UK, while she’s still on our shores.

Reviewed on 7th February and on UK Tour

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