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Stadium – The HOUSE, Birmingham REP

A man ina red jacket is speaking to a tour group on a white stage and black background

Creator and Director: Mohamed El Khatib Reviewer: Selwyn Knight REP Furnace aims to empower local people to become theatremakers. It has had some notable successes, particularly last year’s We’re here because we’re here in which more than 1400 volunteers appeared across the country in First World War uniforms to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme and represent the ...

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The Devil Speaks True – The Lighthouse, Poole

Director: Joel Scott Reviewer: Sophie Huggins Drifting in the darkness, somewhere between fringe theatre and a cinematic experience, floats this sensory stunner, The Devil Speaks True. Interweaving Shakespeare’s famous tale of Macbeth with modern verbatim recordings, Goat and Monkey use wireless headphones, binaural sound design and video projections to immerse its audience in a world of conflict and its often ...

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One Million Tiny Plays About Britain – Watermill Theatre, Newbury

Two leads stood facing the audience

Writer: Craig Taylor Director: Laura Keefe Reviewer: David Jobson   Great Britain has been represented by playwrights and authors in a wide variety of ways down the ages. Some have been favourable, some scathing and some with a slight edge of disapproval. But rarely has it been presented based on our everyday verbatim conversations gathered over a few years. One ...

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SPRINT: My Champion Heartache – Camden People’s Theatre

Writers: Dot Howard and Holly Bodmer Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Britons are a nation of animal lovers; everything about the creatures we welcome into our homes fascinates us. They are an emotional comfort, a source of happiness and often become an essential member of the family. My Champion Heartache by Odd Comic Theatre Company combines a series of sketches about ...

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Outings – Curve, Leicester

Featured image, Rainbow Flag, for Outings

Writers: Thomas Hescott and Matthew Baldwin Director: David Grindley Reviewer: Claire Going The concept of this show is a simple but brilliant exploration into real-life coming-out stories. Launched on the Edinburgh Fringe in 2014, the script is a powerfully woven patchwork piece of over 20 true stories collected from online submissions, interviews and even celebrity accounts pieced together by writers ...

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Re:Home – The Yard Theatre, London

Writer/Director: Cressida Brown Reviewer: Daniel Perks   There is such a stigma still attached to inner city estates – high-rise tower blocks that loom over a neighbourhood and cast a menacing shadow. Within the barbed wire fences of these estates lie gangs of youths whose sole purpose seems to be intrinsically linked with drugs, crime and murder. But these buildings ...

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Confirmation – High Street Exhibition Gallery, Ipswich

Writer and Performer: Chris Thorpe Director: Rachel Chavkin Reviewer: Glen Pearce Our beliefs are what shape us, but what if those beliefs are at odds with mainstream society? We may try and look at the views of others but can we really put ourselves in others’ shoes if we find their beliefs abhorrent? In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, ...

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