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An Indian Abroad – Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Writer: Pariah Khan Director: Eduardo Gama Reviewer: James Garrington We all know about the gap year when students take a break from studies to travel the world and experience exotic places. It’s often perceived as a Western thing – but what would happen if an Indian student took a year out to visit the exotic island of Great Britain? Written and ...

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A Christmas Carol – Arts Theatre, London

Writer: Charles Dickens Director: Tom Cairns Reviewer: Scott Matthewman Ebenezer Scrooge is alive, to begin with. A Christmas Carolis, too, alive with characters who emerge fully-drawn from their first breath, from the humbuggery of Scrooge to the ebullience of his nephew, Fred. Given that Dickens himself would perform his Yuletide short story, it is no surprise that his prose works ...

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Paul Mecurio’s Permission to Speak – Actors Temple Theatre, New York

Writer: Paul Mecurio Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers One of the most underused, and perhaps under-experienced, words in our culture? Sonder. The realization that everyone one passes/interacts with has as vivid and complex a life as themselves. For New Yorkers, the constant sharing of space tends to cause us to mentally isolate ourselves, to disengage. Other people become obstacles, traffic, demons who ...

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Burgerz – Hackney Showroom, London

Writer and Performer: Travis Alabanza Director:  Sam Curtis Lindsay Reviewer:  Richard Maguire Two years ago, while walking across Waterloo Bridge a man yelled ‘Tranny’, and then threw a burger at Travis Alabanza, a trans person of colour. About 100 people witnessed this transphobic assault, and yet nobody did anything. No one helped Travis clean up the mayonnaise that had landed ...

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Magdalena—TheaterLab, New York

[Magdalena] [TheaterLab, NYC] (c)Kevin Yatarola

Writer: Gabri Christa Director: Erwin Maas Reviewer: Carrie Lee O’Dell TheatreLab started its Fall 2018 season, Homecoming, on September 12 with Gabri Christa’s solo performance piece Magdalena, directed by Erwin Maas with design and dramaturgy by Guy de Lancey. The performance uses dance, film, and storytelling to examine the life of Christa’s aging mother (the titular Magdalena) and her struggle ...

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Woman on Fire – Albany Theatre Studio, Coventry

Writer: John Woudberg Director: Claire Moore Reviewer: James Garrington Ask people to come up with a list of the names of people involved in the UK Suffrage movement and it is unlikely that Edith Rigby would feature much. Overshadowed by some of her more famous contemporaries, Rigby nonetheless played a large part in the movement that fought for years to achieve voting ...

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Juliette Burton: Butterfly Effect – The Lowry, Salford

Reviewer:  Richard Hall Last month, comedian, writer and broadcaster, Juliette Burton sold out this enthralling docu-comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe for a fourth consecutive year. As with her previous shows, Butterfly Effect, draws heavily on her own experiences, especially those linked to mental health. At one point in this highly entertaining, funny and deeply poignant show, Burton lists her ...

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beep boop – HERE Arts Center, New York

[beep boop] [HERE Arts Center, NYC] (c)Jeremy Daniel

Writer: Richard Saudek Director: Wes Grantom Reviewer: Adrienne Sowers Before any given theatrical performance, one can spot several patrons with their mobile devices out (and on infuriatingly but blessedly rare occasions, some audience members use their devices during performances, but that is another matter altogether). Screens illuminate faces in the house, with theatregoers sending off texts to cement post-show plans, ...

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