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Jeff Dunham: Disorderly Conduct – Echo Arena, Liverpool

Reviewer: John Roberts Few ventriloquist’s have met with the same international fame that has shrouded American Jeff Dunham – perhaps this is due in large to his embracing of social media, particularly You Tube, and that is perhaps also, why other ventriloquists such as Nina Conti and Paul Zerdin (who are brilliant at their craft) are a long way off ...

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Taking Charlie – Harrogate Theatre

Writer: Neil Warhurst Reviewer: Rosie Revell They say truth is stranger than fiction. One of the strangest stories out there is the true story of the abduction of Charlie Chaplin’s dead body from his Swiss grave in 1978. Goofus, an exciting new theatre company, present this story as their first ever tour and it is an interesting mix of fantasy, ...

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The Shop of Little Horrors – Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Dramaturg: Adam Peck Music: Simon Preston Director: Emma Williams Reviewer: Jacqui Onions Albert Grimlake resides alone inside his workshop, crafting his beloved puppets, with only a ventriloquist’s dummy likeness of his mother for company. As he gets older he feels he can no longer continue with his work alone and advertises for some help. Muppet loving Eric responds and finds ...

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I’m Happy Here (Honest) – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

Crooked finger with "I'm Happy Here (Honest) " written in pen

Writer: Austin Mitchell Hewitt Director: Ed Bixter Reviewer: Jamie Gaskin Our memory plays tricks on us – but as Austin Mitchell Hewitt shows we can play tricks on our memory. Mitchell’s painful journey into a nightmare childhood offers moving, startling and funny sequences which, in themselves, are good theatre but are not overall satisfying. Hewitt’s puppetry and shadow pictures are ...

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Buttons – Little Angel Theatre, London

Writers: Dana Segal and Joni-Rae Carrack Reviewer: Bernie C Byrnes “Joni is a puppeteer, Dana is not. Dana is a Jew, Joni is not.” Buttons is a show about their journey to Auschwitz and the stories they discovered on the way. Using a mixture of live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation Joni-Rae Carrack and Dana Segal recount ...

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The Table – Northern Stage, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Devised and Directed: BLind SumMiT Theatre Music: Lemey and Friedel Reviewer: Anna Ambelez Blind SumMiT Theatre are puppetry innovators; innovative is adventurous, fresh, imaginative and inventive, all adjectives that fit the companies work. The Table is where Moses, the central character lives. He relates a story about God, himself, life, death and puppetry. Moses is a bit of an old ...

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